Telchac Education

Telchac Education

Apoyando la Educación por un mejor mañana
Sponsor a Student
This program will help finance the education of poor but promising students in my home-away-from-home and Susan’s permanent home of Telchac Puerto, Yucatan. The basic education system in Mexico is tuition-free, but there are extra...
The Need
As stated in the Mexican Education System page, access to schooling through the 12th grade of classes is available at no charge for all Mexican citizens. However, each student must provide all of his/her own...
Our History
Thank you for your interest in Telchac Education in Telchac Puerto. This program is an off-spring of The Progreso Apoyo Program which was created by Kitty Morgan in Progreso. Kitty’s program has been so successful...
Mexican Education System
Grade School "Primaria" education is compulsory, comprises grades 1 to 6 and targets children between 6 to 12 years of age. Education at state schools is free to Mexican citizens, but certain expenses remain (school...


Our Mission

Relieve the pressure caused by constant poverty that denies the students and teachers from receiving and providing an education, by providing the tangible things they need: books, uniforms, shoes, teaching materials and aids.

Our Vision

Reduce poverty through education. Promote education and well being for the students and teachers in Telchac Puerto, Yucatan, Mexico

Our Beliefs

Every human being deserves and has the right to an opportunity to learn.

Changing the life of just one child will have repercussions for generations to come.

When you educate a girl or woman, you educate a family.

We are creating a lasting impact in the life of a child.

To stimulate the teachers is to provide them with the tools they need to reach their students.

In a Nutshell..

Telchac Educarion wants its students to get an education, either professional or technical, so that they can earn their daily bread in a dignified manner. We want to see the cycle of poverty end in Telchac Puerto.

Make Your Donation

  1. Decide on the number of years you are comfortable committing to.
    Student’s Grade School Level Number of years of commitment. Paypal cost per year Direct Deposit cost per year
    1-6 Primeria (6-11 years) $150.95 $145
    7-9 Secondaria (4-5 years) $182.12 $175
    10-12 Preparatoria (1-3 years) $235 $225
    13+ College (1-? years) $235 $225
  2. Decide how you will be paying.  If Paypal, you can designate this payment as Sending Money to Family and YOU pay the fees, sending the Direct Deposit amount above. If you select Paying for Goods or Services, you should send the Paypal amount above (this amount includes the Paypal fees, allowing the program to receive their full amount).
  3. Decide if you will be making an additional donation to the contingency (slush) fund. Normal amounts sent are $20.00, $50.00 or $100.00. These additional donations make HUGE differences in unexpected times with the program.
  4. Take a minute and send your payment. Be sure to add a note to your payment specifying who you are.   to

or by direct deposit to:


In Mexico: Bancomer In the US: Bank of America 
Judy Kathleen Abbott Blain

Account # 016 4335 732

CLABE # 012 910 0016 4335 7323

Judy A. Mier y Teran

Account # 5860 2489 4240

ABA routing # 111 0000 25

If you do a direct deposit, please let us know so that we can check the deposit slip online. These are dedicated Telchac Education accounts.